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The Legacy Center for Dance Ballet Curriculum Guide is a framework for the dancers from which a wide variety of methods and materials can be learned. Each student's dance experience is comprehensive and sequential.


The mission of Legacy Center for the Arts Ballet program is to provide the classical foundations that will allow students to excel at their highest artistic excellence. These foundations provide relevant knowledge and skills to enhance each student's overall development as a dancer.


Our objectives are...

* To provide instruction that includes a rigorous, sequential, balanced and discipline based approach that allows students to learn at their highest level.

* To promote a positive and nurturing learning environment that installs confidence and self esteem.

* To provide opportunities and differentiation for students who are serious about exploring the field of dance.

* To foster an atmosphere that promotes critical and creative thinking skills.

* To recognize the individual and special needs of students while fostering an environment that values all individuals, treating each other with respect and dignity.

* To enhance learning in other dance disciplines.

* To help students build creativity and innovation.

* To provide challenging choreography and performance opportunities.


Legacy Center for Dance is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique. PBT is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance student's technique by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique specific exercises to train skill aquisition in a graded and progressive manor from junior-advanced levels.

This program helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation and enhances the ability of athletes to perform at their best. PBT focuses on core strength, weight placement and alignment of the body with a gradual approach of carefully designed exercises and repetitions of these exercises that trigger their muscle memory.

The program is designed with safe dance methodology to promote a long, healthy career. PBT is not only a program to improve technique in ballet dancers, it is now being appreciated and incorporated in dance training by all forms of dancers and athletes.

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